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Our software keeps things simple, allowing your book-entry process to have great clarity. The software allows you to enter the information once and once only. It is validated as it is entered and immediately processed by the software. You can change the information easily once it has been entered. If you use the services of an accountant then presenting your accounts to them in this format dramatically reduces the amount of work that they have to do. You can either send them the spreadsheet itself, or print it out in a legible printer friendly format to hand it to them in person.

Other packages are 'Complicated and expensive' and have all sorts of things attached that you don't need that just complicate an otherwise simple process of entering your business dealings into a manageable presentation of your accounts. This software has been described as 'Simple and Friendly'.

Can be used by Businesses and Small Companies alike, including Sole Traders and Partnerships, whether you are VAT registered or Not. If you change from one business type to another, the software can change with you.

Some Benefits

If you use the services of an accountant they can very quickly understand your system of book-keeping.

Allows you specify your own Quarters - which might not necessarily line up with the Tax or Fiscal years ( but must line up with your End Of Year ).

Allows you specify your own categories for your entries.

The software has a VAT analysis section allows you to analyse your VAT situation. ( Only necessary you are VAT registered ) 

We provide 30 day support service and a 7 day money back guarantee, ensuring you have nothing to lose.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified of any revisions to the software.
YES - you will, providing we have your up-to-date email address and your mailbox doesn't return our emails ( for example if the mailbox is full ).



Two sceenshots of the same selection. Notice how obviously an error is presented to you.


The second screenshot shows the software notifying the user of an error in the entry - in this case the presence of a 'n'  ( 'n' character ) in the VAT column. This is an immediate error situation which alerts you to correct the error as and when it was made, but most importantly doesn't stop you from continuing. This makes the software very user friendly.


There is more to describe but what we have presented to you on this webpage are the main points of interest.


Pricing as of 2010


       ( Rev 2.06 )

£ 10

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