Ghantt charts available within an Excel environment
For those that don't know :- Ghantt charts help in the planning of projects and scheduling of tasks, particularly identifying those tasks whose time and effort is critical to the project as a whole, these tasks are known as being on the critical path.

How I started on it :- There are expensive Ghantt chart packages but for simple projects they seem a bit expensive and a bit cumbersome - this gave me the impetus to produce a cheap, simple alternative to be used for smaller projects.

How it works :-  
The Excel workbook consists of two worksheets and some macros ( VBA coding ) behind the second of worksheet.

The first sheet ( example below ), On this page you fill out the details of the project, in a similar manner to any other project management software tool.
The second sheet contains the macro's that allows you to move the time line ( in multiples of weeks ) and fills out the header rows. These are rows of numbers in rows 3,4 & 5, and fills out the lines and the names of the months on row 7.

Click here Ghantt.xls  if  you want to download it  ( 99 k )
Please give me feedback on this one, I am particularly interested to hear from people who have used this software on projects. Revisions and improvements may follow if there is enough demand.

A snapshot of the Excel spreadsheet as you see it if you were editing it ...
This is the result it produces ...
The finished result - the pink lettering wouldn't be visible, and the header and footer information is user definable
pink writing wouldn't be visible

 ( it also extends onto two sets of rows if the project duration is in excess of six months )