Downloadables & Reference Material
I have developed a number of downloadable files ...

The ones I can bring to mind and that you might find useful are :-

Ghantt Chart  template for Excel
Ghantt charts help in the planning of projects and scheduling of tasks, particularly identifying
 those tasks whose time and effort is critical to the project as a whole.
These tasks are known as being on the critical path.

Current year's calendar - Available in Excel format - can be printed as many times as needed,
so you can have a calendar at your disposal at every location you choose.
Once you have scribbled on it too much, you can pull it down and scribble on the next one.

Reference Material  - This section is where I reference other things ...
                 - ZBackup                   ( a sophisticated backup procedure surrounding PKZIP )
                 - Oversoft document  ( for beginners and a refresher for Ladder Logic programmers )

Scrabble templates - Never run out of Scrabble marking sheets. ( Trademark acknowledged )


Duty/Standby - Control of sets of fans/motors/pumps in an automated manner. ( on the Kelco site )

CtrDig - Digital controller ( as coded on the Kelco site )