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 Oversoft document

I have written a document advocating the method of writing predominately ladder logic to perform standard tasks that are required when controlling machinery and plant. This is a list of the contents :-

1.           Standard Motor Rung
2.           Software Module for controlling Pumps/Motors.
3.           Software Module for control of Queuing
3.1.        Bubble Sorts
3.2.        Highest Value Sorts
3.3.        Comparison between Bubble & Highest Value Sorts
4.           Software Element for Single Shot Flags
5.           Software to Debounce Analogue signals
5.1.        Simple method
5.2.        Software to Debounce Analogue signals
6.           Software to Debounce Digital signals
7.           Software to produce Cyclic Flags.
8.           Software Watchdog
9.           Alarm Handling
9.1.        Analogue Out Of Range - Detection and Handling
9.2.        Alarm Checking for Pumps / Motors with Contactors
9.3.        Alarm Checking for Pumps / Motors with Inverters
9.4.        Alarm Handling on a Word Basis
9.5.        Valve Positional Checking
9.5.1.     Two Positional Valves
9.5.2.     Proportional Valves
10.         Conclusion

It shows examples of logic in pictorial format and describes the operation of the rungs in detail. It is very useful for anybody starting out in the control industry, because it shows the level of complexity that can be achieved using ladder logic. The sorts and alarm handling sections can be applied to other languages. To the new user it provides the building blocks for a complex system of control. ( A number of new recruits to companies have benefitted from this document )

Click here OVERSOFT.DOC  if you wish to download this Word95 document ( 55 k )